Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A much needed update on the office.

I felt bad signing off yesterday without updating about the office. So, here we go.

A few weeks ago, the office ago the office looked like this:

In the last few weeks we've repainted, removed the old desks, put in a new dining room table to be used as one large desk, as well as a chaise lounge, hung new blinds and curtains and some artwork, as well as some shelves. So, here's where we're at now (click the photo to see it larger):

Note the cameo by Miss Daisy on the chaise at the left there. She was too cute not to use this picture. 
Check out another angle. 

Painting this room was an important milestone. It had the last of the stained wood trim. All of the trim in our house is now white. It only took a year and a half. 

So far, we're digging the office. But we still have work to do.

In the second angle above you can see we need something on the wall over the chaise. The shelves need to be dressed in a practical way (I don't want to fill them with fluff. An office should have purpose) The large vase to the left of the chaise needs some reeds or sticks or something to go with the giant pheasant feathers I found on clearance at Pottery Barn. The junk on the filing cabinet needs a home. I'm on the hunt for a throw blanket for the chaise (I like this one, but I'm not sure I can force myself to spend $50 on a throw blanket). 

We also need to add shelves to this alcove. It's where our new printer and network access server (which is what I discovered a networkable hard drive is called...but don't hate on me if I'm wrong) will go. It will also be where our wireless internet thingy will go. 

I also need to recover two office chairs with this fabric. 

 We need some kind of cord management solution, like whoa: 

And we still need to rebuild the railing. That will be our biggest challenge: 

Oh, and hanging the light fixture over the desk is also on the to do list. I don't have a picture of that, but the fixture has been purchased.

All in all, we're moving right along. I also got the stairwell painted and some art I've been eyeing up on Etsy hung up there. I used Glidden's Natural Linen for the paint on this. It was left over from when I painted the hallway last year.  Here are some befores: 

And Afters: 

 The art is this print from Studio KMO on Etsy. The two together are a map of Baltimore city, all made up with little tiny lines for all the city blocks. No text or street names. 

Hope you enjoyed this little update on the office/stairwell. I'm hoping to have all the simple jobs done in the next 3 weeks or so. The railing is a daunting task we've yet to plan out. Stay tuned, friends.

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