Sunday, April 24, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

Lots of things are going on here at our house, unfortunately, none of them are actually being COMPLETED. More correctly, I shouldn't say that they're "going on" so much as they're sitting there, staring at me saying "finish me" and I'm saying "um....just one more episode of Teen Mom 2, or Real Housewives of Someplace".

But here's the list of the things I'm juggling right now.

1. I bought a small side table at a yard sale for $4. I'm staining and painting it. I started that project, oh, 6 weeks ago. Literally. It should have taken 3 days (when you consider drying time).

2. I have 2 more rolling office chairs to recover. They are sitting in the guest room where I don't have to look at them every day, mocking me with their unfinished-ness.

3. We bought a storage bench to put under the dining room window. That also needs to be painted and a new seat cushion sewn for it. When it's done, it will hold cookbooks and other kitchen overflow. Right now it holds 12 cans of cat food...and the seat cushion is covered in cat hair.

4. The office saga continues. We've still got next to nothing on the walls, no realistic storage and a light fixture that is about 3 times brighter than we really want or need. We need to fix all those things as well as hook up our new printer (which has to be networked to 5 computers...) cover the holes in the ceiling, paint 3 doors, install new door knobs, and numerous other things I don't really want to think about.

5. Don't get me started on the railing upstairs. I think we're both pretending that it doesn't need to be replaced.

Why hasn't any of this been done? I came down with bronchitis, which took 3 weeks to get over, and then Adam got it from me, in addition to some kind of weird flu thing, so he's been sick for about 4 weeks. Our home became a den of sickness, full of tissues, cough drops, soup an Robitussin. Lots of bottles of Robitussin.  I think we went through 4 bottles. Neither of us was sick at the same time, but when one of us was sick, the other one was just trying to keep the house from collapsing under piles of laundry and dirty dishes. And as we all know, men don't get sick, they get a Man Cold

And so it went. Husband care took priority over most other things. Poor little bunny.

But, the coughing has subsided around here, so I'm hoping to be back on task! I returned to refinishing the end table tonight. I purchased a ceiling medallion to deal with the holes in the office ceiling (which I'll explain later). I'm investigating solutions for putting our new printer on a shelf, while still accommodating the scanner lid. Hopefully the ol' blog will be hopping again soon.

Also, 4 more weeks of school. Then it will be summer and I will be more inclined to work on house things. I can taste the freedom.

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