Thursday, January 27, 2011

Many unrelated things

This is a post about lots of things, mostly unrelated to each other.

1. Adam got a new job...or he's transitioning to one. He's staying at the same company but changing positions, so he'll be training his replacement as well as training for his new job at the same time. He'll be traveling a LOT less when he's doing the new job full time. Probably on the road only a few times a year, rather than 2 weeks every month. I'll be glad to have him home, but it will be change on the homefront, too. Our entire relationship we've either lived far enough apart that we only saw each other on weekends, or he's had this job where he's gone most of the week and home weekends. We may have to set some groundrules regarding sharing the TV...

2. On a less "big life step" note, we picked a color for the office upstairs. It was between 3 Valspar colors - Fishnet, Shade Green and Marine Reef (in order, left to right)

We're going with Shade Green, in the middle. 

I've bought the paint, I just haven't started painting yet. It'll happen when it happens. It's a big job because Adam uses his desktop computer on a daily basis and I need access to my printer for Etsy purposes, so it's a bit of a pain to disassemble the room.

3. We bought this little lady to be our "comfy reading chair" in the office. it's not a chair. It's a chaise (which is only 2 letters off "chair"). She is small, as chaises go. With my bum in corner, my heels are at the edge on the right side. It's like a love-seat sized chaise. The cats LOVE it, and we find them on it constantly. I found her at Marshall's, marked $300, down from $550 in regular stores.

But I got her for only $200. Why? This is why:

A little hole, about the size of a nickle on the side of the arm. For $100 off I can find some matching thread and sew this bad boy up so it doesn't get any bigger and make it less visible then cover it with a throw blanket. We probably would have put a throw on it anyway, for cuddle up with a good book purposes. Two birds, one stone.

Now we just have to hope it fits when the table comes. We'll make it work, Tim Gunn Style.

4. Speaking of the table (the Mission Dining Table from World Market that we'll be using for a desk) the freight company tracking website says it's not longer in California, and was loaded on a truck in Indiana yesterday. It should be here sometime in the next 7 days.

5. I am counting down the days until I can pre-order an iPhone with Verizon. No, it's not house related...but I don't care. I really want that phone.

6. I had a snow day yesterday, so I recovered this office chair with some lovely fabric by Dwell Studios for Robert Allen Home. It's going to my office at school.

One chair down, 3 to go. 
I got these for free from my Mom's office. I'm not sure why they were getting rid of them, there's nothing wrong with them, except maybe the fabric is worn out, but who cares because I'm recovering them. The big one on the left is going in our office at home with a diamond print fabric I'll reveal later. The medium one on the right is going to my classroom at work so I can have a cushioned seat as opposed to the hard plastic one I have now, I'm deciding among several fabrics for that one. The little one...doesn't have a specific home yet. I might just put it in the basement until the need arises for it. Or Freecycle it. Or recover it and sell it on Craigslist.

And actually, it's 4 to go, because I'm recovering this chair, too. So that both our office chairs will be in the same fabric. (This photo is from the apartment we lived in 1.5 years ago...ugh, so cluttered.)

UPDATE: I started painting upstairs today, it being my second snow day in a row. While the office itself is going to require some semi-serious thought when it comes to coordinating painting the room and continuing to USE the room, the hallway was a breeze. Got the trim painted, 1 side of 1 door painted and 1 coat of wall color on. Touch-ups tomorrow and continued door painting through the weekend. Pictures at some point, when the doors are done and I've peeled all the tape off.

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