Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coming up roses...

I have several good things going for me right now.

1. I'm eating Twizzlers. Not in the "I'm on a Twizzlers kick right now" way. But in the "I found some Twizzlers in the cabinet and I am enjoying them" way.

2. My Mom found these awesome pillows at Tuesday Morning the other day. She took me over there to check them out. I had these babies bookmarked months ago on ZGallerie, where they were $40. Tuesday morning had them for $20. Go Mom. ZGallerie no longer has them in the green (but they do have them in purple and blue/green). I bought 2 of them.

3. I bought a hydrangea plant...jury is still out on where to plant it, or if we'll kill it, but for now, it's lovely.

4. It's officially Fall. It was cold enough that I had to put on slippers this morning. I love my slippers. They are big and fuzzy and have a ridiculous sequined flower on them.

5. In addition to being Fall, it's October. I can now decorate for Halloween...possibly the most fun holiday to decorate.

6. My new chairs came for the living room on Saturday. They are fantastic.

Check out the fabric pattern. LOVE. 

Sadly, though, the buffet is too big to fit all three things along the wall.

I knew that was going to happen. I spent a long time looking for chairs so that the buffet and the chairs would fit along the wall, but then I said "why am I looking at spending a mountain of money for chairs that will fit to suit the buffet I got for $20 at a yard sale?" So the buffet is going buh-bye as soon as I gather the gumption to put it up on Craigslist.

7. The den is 90% painted. I have to do the back of a door and a little bit around the windows. I wish I could sleep on a cloud of this green.

8. I found gorgeous large scale brown and tan houndstooth fabric at Joann's. On clearance for $12.99 a yard. I also found special order fabric samples for sale for $2 each. They are the perfect size for a pillow. I bought 3.

I just realized this post is very green...I'm on a green kick. It's all green all the time, baby. 

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