Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Staying Open

Today, Bryn, over at Bryn Alexandra posted about bathrooms.

I WISH I were redoing our bathroom...HA!

But she posted this picture, which has given me new motivation to return to making the open weave roman shades for the living room...which I started so long ago I can't remember, but I was wearing a winter coat when I bought the fabric, let's put it that way.

I was starting to doubt how good the open weave fabric would look, but now I'm back on board baby! Now I just have to actually DO it. 
In other news, blinds for the den have arrived. We converted a drawer into a shelf in our TV cabinet. We've purchased side tables, lamps, the ceiling fan and a surround sound system for the den (which one of those things do you think Adam picked out?). The old buffet in the living room has been sold and a new smaller version will be getting it's last coat of Polycrylic tonight. 

Also, pumpkins have been carved, my costume is 75% complete and I'm cutting bats out of black paper until my fingers bleed. My niece and nephews will be at our house for Halloween. I'm pretty excited.

Lastly - my Mom bought us a bat house over the weekend...bird houses are for weenies. We'll be putting that up outside soon.

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