Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pull up a chair

On Monday my Mom and I recovered the two club chairs in the den. Remember the chairs?

Sure, they look okay here, but let's take a closer peek.

And what did all this?

Look at those little sabers on the ends of her toes. We bought these chairs before we ever had cats. Attempts to keep them off of the chairs were a waste. For one thing, the house (then apartment) was empty 8 hours of the day, and we were asleep for another 8, so we could only scold them so much. Our two furry friends LOVED to run across these chairs when they chased each other. We gave up when the damage became extensive enough that it jut didn't matter anymore. There was no hope of saving them.

On behalf of Bessie and Daisy, I'd like to say they are not claw-ers. This is the only furniture they've ever ruined, and it wasn't from clawing. It was from running across them and climbing on top of them. And the way they played was so adorable...

So, about 2 weeks ago Mom and I stopped into Hancock Fabrics to get some fleece for a project she was working on. While we were there, I found 5 yards of this in the decorator fabrics remnant pile, at $8 a yard.

It was durable, with some kind of rubbery backing, possibly for outdoor use. It was in the color scheme we're going for in the room. It was masculine. There were 5 yards, exactly what I needed. It was cheap. It had me at hello.

Then I discovered I could get 15% off with my school ID (sometimes, being a teacher is good).


Recovering the chairs was pretty easy. The seat was no different than wrapping a canvas or recovering some dining room chair seats. The back was just a matter of cutting it to size, stapling around the edges and applying some trim.

Oh, yeah, and I found trim that matched perfectly on sale, too. Imagine that.


So, want to see the finished product? $45 later? 


Much better, right? And just wait til you see it with the green walls. It is a thing of beauty.

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