Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bemz out of shape

...and then my brain reminded me of something.


Bemz is a 3rd party company that makes slip covers for Ikea upholstery. I remembered looking at them last year when we bought our Ikea Ektorp corner sofa in the den. Remember the sofa?

I recall thinking, "oh, store this away in your brain". And then I did - in the file marked "Only to be opened when you think you've figured it all out".

Because, see, I planned a lot of the make-over around the fact that I don't really care for any of the other slip covers Ikea offers, so I wouldn't be changing it out. But now I'm looking at the Bemz website and wondering:
Hmmmm...or maybe
Or perhaps even....
Bold, no? 

As a side note, we got a white slipcover for free when we purchased the couch as part of a promotion at the store that day. I might put the white one on for Christmas. 

The Bemz covers would of course dramatically up the total cost of the redesign for the room, they range in price from $425 to $900+.  But the couch could be so much cooler...

On the other hand, it's not part of "The Plan" and I know that when I try to change "The Plan" mid-stream, things go awry. I can't change my mind in the middle of the Mississippi, that's how my oxen die*. And I already bought paint and reupholstered the club chairs, so things are less flexible now. 

But that nubby brown and white fabric on the first one is so...wonderfully nubby.

*Oh yes...that was an Oregon Trail reference.

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