Sunday, September 5, 2010

You so crafty

Adam validated my obsession with decorating the house today. Here's the conversation. Caution: It does contain the "S" word...Adam doesn't have the most gentlemanly vocabulary sometimes.

Adam: Hey, you know what?
Molly: What?
Adam: You're awesome.
Molly: Why am I awesome?
Adam: 'Cause you so crafty.  (sic)
Molly: What do mean?
Adam: You figure out how to do things. You go all McGuyver-y on shit.
Molly: Well thanks, hon. I'm glad you appreciate the fact that I am a cheapskate and prefer to do things myself rather than pay other people to do them.

He brought this up because I found fabric today to recover those leather chairs I mentioned in the previous post. I got it for $8/yard, plus another 15% off as an educator discount. Mom is coming over tomorrow to help me reupholster them. Pictures next week, hopefully!

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