Monday, June 7, 2010

Did you say "shopping"?

Here's the thing about being a teacher in the summer, and I think it's especially true if you don't have kids. You're off work all summer but everyone but your other teacher friends (of which I have only a few) is still working 9-5. So you're left with a lot of time off and not many people to spend it with. And if you're like me and your husband travels all the time, you're doubly alone.

So, to entertain myself, I have a little list of shops I'm determined to visit this summer. During the school year it's hard to get to these places because they are a long drive away, and many are closed on Sundays, leaving Saturday as the only day I have to go and it is a rare weekend when I have the free time to go flitting about to far flung shopping excursions.

1. Millenium Decor in Washington D.C.
2. SixteenFiftyNine in Washington D.C. 
3. Gore Dean in Baltimore
4. De Bois Textiles in Baltimore
5. Second Chance in Baltimore
6. World Market in Rockville
7. Room and Board in Washington D.C. (Grand Opening June 14th!)

I'm sure there will be others, but it's midnight and that's all I have right now (I've already fallen into the terrible sleep schedule of summer...going to bed after midnight and not getting out of bed until 10 am or later...)

Anyone care to go on a shopping trip?

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  1. I love your blog, Molly! you have the cutest ideas and I bet your "nest" is so perfect (or getting there!)

    Have you been to World Market before? There was one near where I used to live in SC and it was KILLER. I could live there, seriously. It rocks! Have fun on your shopping adventures!