Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finishing Touches

I got a little quickie project done today: adding some ribbon trim to the roman shades in the guest room.

I wasn't particularly attached to these roman shades. The previous owners left them behind, and they were about the most neutral thing in the world. Rather than spend the money on something new, I decided to keep them, but I dressed them up a tad with some ribbon. This was a crazy easy project that took maybe an hour...maybe.

                                                                     Before & After

                                                                                       Before & After

A huge change? No, but it does make the blinds look more connected to the cornices and it makes them look a little more custom.

Quick close up:

And how did I do it? First, take the blinds down and spread them out on the floor. Hook up the ol' hot glue gun and let it warm up.

While the glue gun heats up, mark where you want your ribbons to go. My goal was to hide a stain on one, so my ribbons are 7.5 inches in from the sides.  I used a chalk/pastel pencil to mark my fabric. And I made about 10 marks from one end of the fabric to the other.

Next, I lined up my marks with a ruler so I had 2 lines going down the length my roman shade.

Then it was time to glue on my ribbon. I started at the top of my shade, wrapping the ribbon around the back just a little and then running a thin layer of glue in a zig-zag pattern along the inside of my chalk line. I only glued small sections at a time, between each of the ribs.

Then it was just a matter moving down the shade, one section at a time. Until I reached the bottom.

At the bottom I turned my shade over, snipped the ribbon off, folded it over and glued it, and the wrapped it around the back and glued it down.

Repeat on the other side of the curtain (being sure to run the glue on the INSIDE of the line, so both ribbons were closest to the center) and then on my the 2nd roman shade from window number two, rehang and done! Seriously...it took an hour and 2 rolls of ribbon. No biggie.

The only thing left for this room is this wall:

I want to hang something over the chair, and I'm about 95% sure I want it to be some kind of typography in red, but I'm torn between a few options:

1. So Very Happy by DazeyChic
2. The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants by 3LambsGraphics
3. Love Is The New Black by The Love Shop
4. You Are Here Now by Farouche
5. Moka Express tea towel by Mengsel Design
6. How Sweet It Is by Type Posters
7. Big Breakfast by MrPS

And then of course there's always the DIY option. I know how to screen print. I have access to some pretty big screens at work so I could make my own print of whatever I wanted.

Any thoughts?


  1. those blinds like so much better! you and that hot glue gun could proably take on the world :)

    cute typography picks. i think big breakfast works best as guest room art; it's sorta of bed and breakfasty. although, i have a feeling you could come up with something super fun DIYing

  2. I vote for the "bird with a friench fry" ...makes me smile.

  3. I like 'you are here now'. Will look perfect over that chair.