Monday, March 29, 2010

Pahk your cah in Hahvad Yahd.

I know it's been a while since I posted. Last week was bonkers. Does anyone else find that right before you go on vacation, that's when everyone wants a piece of you?

Oh, I didn't mention our little vacay? Adam and I spent the weekend in Boston! We have friends up there that I visit about once a year (hi Mike and Emma!) and my hubby being the gaming geek that he is wanted to go to the giant video game convention, PAX East. So, we flew up Thursday evening and got home Sunday around 10 pm. I am feeling the late homecoming this Monday morning. I'm sure Adam is feeling it more, though. He's headed right back to the airport today to go to Missouri for work. Poor thing. 

There was much swag grabbing at the convetion. And while our husbands tried all all the latests and greatest in the world of video games, my friend Emma and I did beau coup shopping, and despite heading up with what seemed like bags bursting at the seams (sue me, I like to have clothing options when I travel), we managed to get it all home. Here's what we came home with: 

  1. Some easter chocolate from Hotel Chocolat
  2. Adam's book choices from Brookline Booksmith
  3. A bottle of Lollia Relax Lavender and Honey perfume from Anthropologie
  4. Loads of literature from various colleges that offer degrees in game development, for the ever growing pile of college brochures we keep in the art rooms at work. Lots of our students want to go into this field. 
  5. My book choices from Brookline Booksmith and Trident Cafe
  6. Battlefield II tee-shirt (FREE!)
  7. Power Gig tee shirt (FREE!) P.S. this game is kind of like Guitar Hero but it teaches you to actually play guitar
  8. The Devil's Tuning Fork tee shirt (FREE!) 
  9. Sarge of Red Vs. Blue tee-shirt (not free...)
  10. Our PAX program/guide for the weekend. 
And a bonus: here is Adam playing Split Second at the convention.

Only one thing didn't make it back down with us. My big goal for the weekend was to go the Johnathan Adler store in Boston and buy SOMETHING, I didn't care if it was a matchbook, I was bringing something home with me from that shop. And this little lady should be arriving in the next few days. 

Jonathan Adler just calls it a bird bowl. I say partridge...but don't tell him. Who am I to argue with Jonathan Adler? 

I opted to pay the extra $6 to have her shipped, because I knew that if she was broken on the flight, I'd be heartbroken when I got home. I don't know just where she will go when she arrives. I could put her in the guest room where I won't see her everyday, but she will be safe. Or I can put her out where I can enjoy her, but the cats could knock her over (like they've done with plenty of other things I've loved). 

Also at Jonathan Adler there was a floor sample sale happening. And this fabulous Montmarte coffee table was marked down to $500, from $995. 
I was pretty tempted, but this is not the sort of coffee table I am in the market for right now. But if you are, I suggest paying a visit to their Boston location.  

And now that I'm home again it's time to keep moving on the guest room. Spring break starts Thursday (11 glorious days off) and I'm hoping to get the guest room rocking chair completed, as well as give you some updates on other items in the room that I've revamped in the past few weeks. 

See you then! 

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