Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trends I am NOT on board with

Generally I like to think myself a somewhat trendy person. Whether it be fashion, food or my home, I will jump on the bandwagon when it comes to the current trends, provided that the fad is cheap. I am perfectly willing to admit that by the time a trend falls into my price range it is "so 5 seasons ago". This might actually make me completely non-trendy by definition.  Perhaps I'm middle-class trendy?

Anyway, I have something I want to say about a trend I am not feeling.

Ikat fabric.

It's seems to be everywhere lately, or maybe it's just that I spend too much time on the shelter blogs.

I know it takes a great deal of skill to make, I won't deny that the actual patterns are lovely. It was around way before me and will be around long after I am gone, but I just don't like it.

But I'm sorry, the blurry edges just make me feel...well...drunk when I look at it.

I'll be glad when ikat goes out again. Just like I be glad when Tyra Banks stops wearing jumpsuits to America's Next Top Model panels. Seriously, Tyra... this look is going one of two ways:
1. the alien chick William Shatner finds on random planet
2. Florida retiree (all you need is a big matching sun hat).

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