Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Have a seat...or 16.

Christmas has come and gone and we survived (although I think our waistlines are a little worse for the wear). The family party for my Mom's side of the family was held at her house, but a good dozen of my family members came over to see our house (we only live 5 blocks from my parents). They all heartily approved and a few jaws dropped when they asked "how many bedrooms does this place have?" and I answered 5.

I had some friends over for Boxing Day Brunch on the day after Christmas, which was lovely and I think I might do it again next year and in the future. I neglected to take any pictures but my friend Lauren did, so I'm hoping to get some from her and post them here soon.

A little filler today because the life of a teacher during Christmas break is a little dull. I found this today on Neatorama:

It's called Flexible Love and while I'm not sure it's the most stylish thing (I wish the end cap pieces were a color or just white) I do think it's pretty awesome. Mostly because, in my house, I always feel like there's not enough seating for all the people when I have a party. At the same time, I don't want to clutter up my house with chairs...and this is just so much cooler than folding chairs. It comes in an 8 person and 16 person model. Of course, that would probably be about 10 American keesters.

Will I be putting Flexible Love on next year's Christmas list? Unlikely. You can't even buy it in the US yet and it comes in at £390 for the 16 seat model (at the current exchange rate that's a cool $624) for a "chair" you only bring out for parties.

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