Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Nest Hotel?

I'm thinking I want to start in on decorating the guest bedroom. Is it the smartest thing to start next? Probably not. No one room that I've started is actually finished yet. The dining room needs a rug and something on the walls. The living room needs a couple of chairs and the fireplace finished. The bedroom is only half done (i.e. half the room has nothing on/in it). The den is just plain blah.

All the same, though, I want to start in on the guest bedroom. Why? It is the one room that will require very little purchasing to complete. All of the spaces mentioned above need some kind of fairly expensive item and/or the assistance of Adam to get the job done. Much as I love my hubby, he can only go furniture shopping so many times, and getting around isn't as easy as usual with his ankle right now.

The guest bedroom is a different story. Most of the furniture going in that room is going to be free. Accessory items should be inexpensive and I can take care of them without the hubs.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk first about what I want to do in the room: Aqua and Red

This is the image I'm pulling everything from. A photo print Adam and I bought in Key West on our honeymoon. It was taken by Tony Scullin, and I love its vintage postcard-y feel. It's going to hang above the bed in the guest room.

Here is a photo from the listing of the room when we bought the house. It's currently the "catch all" room, housing boxes yet to be unpacked and all kinds of other stuff that doesn't have a home yet...but will likely go down to the basement or find a home soon.

This color scheme won't be bonkers, trust me. It's going to be very pretty. Here are some inspiration photos I've been gushing over.


I spent most of tonight putting together a little mood board of what I want to do with the room.

Let's pick this baby apart, shall we?

1. I bought a  couple of little Martha Stewart paper flower kits when they were $2 a Big Lots. They're red roses. I just need to track down a couple of small blue vases to put them in.

2. Nightstands: FREE! I'm taking Adam's old night stands, that he's had for as long as he can remember, and painting them white.

3. Luggage rack $30: I don't think we're going to have room for a dresser in there, and if we do it will end up being the one currently in our bedroom. Regardless, who uses a dresser when they travel? We all end up just pulling things out of our suitcases, so why not get a luggage rack instead.

4. Rocking Chair: FREE! I got a vintage rocking chair from my aunt who didn't want it anymore. It doesn't look quite like this one, but I'm going to paint the one I have this blue.

5. Ikea Jonsbo Lamp: $20 each ($40 since I'll get 2).

6. Toopie Pillow by Aunt Bucky on Etsy: I'm not actually going to buy this (I refuse to pay much more than $12 for a throw pillow), but I will make some sort of throw pillow for the bed, possibly similar to this one.

7. Ikea Alvine Smal Curtains: $30 ($60 for the two windows). The room already has roman shades. I'll just add these on.

8. Target Wedding Ring Red Quilt: Got it! This was a birthday present from a friend of mine a few years ago. Our bedroom used to be red and yellow, but since I've switched to yellow and gray in there, all the red linens will go to the new guest room.

9. Target Home Brights Sheet Set in Teal: $19

10. Iron Bed Frame: FREE! I'll be getting this from my Mom. She had iron beds in pretty much every room of our house, and as each of us kids has grown up, she's given one of them to us. The one I'm getting won't look exactly like this one.

11. The photo I'm basing the whole room from.

With the stuff I'll need to complete projects (paint, supplies, fabric, pillows, mattress, curtain rods, etc) I'm hoping to complete the whole room for about $350 to $400.

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