Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is cancelled

Well, the title of this post isn't exactly true. But Christmas will not be held at our house this year. Why? When we had so many plans and I was so excited?'s this:

See that little black vertical-ish line in the bone? That's where my husband's tibia is fractured.

You see, Friday afternoon I went to Lowe's to pick up some wood to work on our fireplace makeover this weekend. I walked through the tile section just to see if there was anything good because eventually we plan to re-tile the fireplace hearth and put a little bit of tile around the opening to the firebox (I'm learning all kinds of fireplace terminology planning this project). Lo and behold! Lowe's had gorgeous black marble on sale! Half price! only $2 (and change) a tile!
I brought Adam back that night to take a look at it. He agreed it was very nice and a good price and we bought 13 pieces (an unlucky number, I should have seen this coming from the start). If you've never picked up 13 pieces of 12x12 marble tile, you should know...that stuff is HEAVY.

We brought it home and I insisted that we divide up the tile, I'd take 6 and Adam could take 7. I miscounted my pile and I got 5 and Adam got 8. We were taking it down the basement to store it until we tackled the project, and I hear Adam go down. He fell on the last 2 or 3 steps. He fell HARD. I ran to see if he was okay and get the tile off his belly (yes, he's just that awesome, he fell in such a way that not one tile was even chipped).

After laying on the floor making a lot of "ow" related noises, he managed to get upstairs and we just tried to watch his ankle. See how much it swelled, could he move his toes, could he put weight on it, etc. We thought it was just a really bad sprain, so we went to bed and decided we'd re-evaluate in the morning.

When I told my parents what happened they decided to bring us dinner that night. When my Mom looked at his ankle she said "Adam, you need to go see a doctor about this." In my family, we're not much for going to the doctor, so when my Mom says go, she means it.

We went to a local late-night clinic with an x-ray machine, and got the bad news. Essentially, when Adam missed the step, he bent is foot so far forward that his heel bone hit the back of his tibia and fractured it. Outlook right now is that he'll be laid up for 4 to 6 weeks. But we still have to see an orthopedist, who will give us a more definite diagnosis.

Luckily, no harm came to his thumbs, so he's been sitting on the couch for the last two days playing on the X-Box 360 and letting me bring him things. So, needless to say, the fireplace didn't happen this weekend. But, my father and brother have stepped in and volunteered to help with the job. This is why family is awesome.

Since I'm down my biggest helper, and because lots of my time is being devoted to helping my husband, we decided it would be best if my Mom took Christmas this year. It'll come around again next year, and I can host then.

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  1. oh no! hope the fracture heels well and the fireplace project gets completed :)