Thursday, November 19, 2009

Projects abound...

So, it's been far too long since I've posted. I know, I'm the worst blogger ever. As one of two moderators for the school play at the high school where I work, my weekends have been taken up building a fake forest for the past several weeks. Blog posts were taking a back seat to...well...all the stuff I don't have time to do because of the play. But the set is built, the show starts tomorrow, and I'm free! Until Sunday when we have to disassemble the whole thing and pack it away until the Spring musicial. I have been able to get a few household projects done. no. 1: My mother helped me get the 2 of 3 sets of bedrooms curtains done. The last set is...coming. I wanted to get the first 2 (larger) windows finished before I started the 3rd window. no. 2: We shortened the curtains from our apartment, where we had 9 foot ceilings, to fit our 8 foot ceilings and hung them. no. 3: I re-matted and framed an Audobon print of Baltimore Orioles I found in an antique shop and hung it over our bed. Wanna see? Here's the bird print before: And here it is after: (I know this is a terrible picture, I couldn't get one without a glare from either my camera flash or our ceiling fan in the bedroom) I've loved John James Audobon ever since I took an early American art history class in college. I love that he was both a scientist and a wonderful artist. When I found this print in an antique shop, I had to buy it. Audobon, Baltimore Oriole AND in our bedroom's color scheme? How could I not? And here's the wide shot with our new bedroom curtains: The curtains were plain white cotton tab top curtains from Target, and I added the yellow stripe down the inside using this fabric from Joann Fabrics: I'm kind of in love with these curtains and they were pretty darn easy to make. While we're here, remember the old bedroom? There's still a lot to do in there. If I were to turn the camera around to the opposite wall you'd see...not much. We also want to replace the dresser in that room with something shorter and longer, and get new night stands. I'll be painting the current ones and popping them in the guest room. So, that's what I've been up to! No pictures of the living room yet, because I'm working on making roman shades to go under the drapes. I'm also in the process of painting our $20 yard sale buffet. A lot of new projects should be popping up in the next 6 or 8 weeks because (drum roll please) I'll be hosting my Mom's side of the family for Christmas this year. Holy moley! About 25 people will be descending on our house, ready to eat drink and be merry. I hope we can pull this off. Project goals in preparation for the Christmas party: 1. Swap living room and den furniture (this will include possibly cutting our couch in half from the inside in order to get it into the den through our rather bendy, narrow hallway...we may end up with a new couch before all is said and done). 2. Get the den somewhat decorated 3. Buy a rug for the dining room 4. Paint buffet 5. Paint side tables 6. Make over the brick fireplace 7. Paint the guest bedroom bed 8. Buy a mattress for guest bedroom bed 9. Get the house actually decorated for Christmas! So wish us luck! We may need a Christmas miracle before all is said and done...or a panicked phone call to mom saying "you have to host Christmas, we can't do all this!"

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