Friday, December 11, 2009

Marching On...Well, Limping On

A quick update on "the ankle". We went to see an orthopedist yesterday and were told that the break in Adam's tibia is (luckily) in a spot that doesn't support much weight and it's well aligned and should heal well on its own without a cast. So, hubby-do has an air boot which he can walk with and has weaned himself off the crutches. This is all very good news as he can take the boot off when he's not walking and when he showers and sleeps. He should be back to himself in 6 or so weeks. About the biggest inconvenience is that he's borrowing my mom's car because he normally drives a stick shift and can't use the clutch with his bum foot and the boot being so big.

The bruising on his ankle is pretty epic. For those of you who are squeamish I won't put a picture here, but if you REALLY want to see one, you can click here. That photo was actually taken Monday, the bruising has gotten worse since then.

In between taking care of the house and the hubs I've managed to get a little bit of Christmas decorating done. I went out shopping on Sunday for some decorations. So far I've only gotten the dining room table and the front door decorated (front door decoration = hang wreath...done). I'm pretty happy with them both. Here's the dining room table:

And a close up:

I'm pretty happy with it, here's the cost break down:

White table cloth: $6 @ Big Lots (I needed this anyway...who doesn't have a white table cloth?)
2 Candles: $2 @ Dollar Tree
Small silver votive holder: $1 @ Dollar Tree
Tall white candle holder: $5 @ Home Goods (this will work all year round though)
Pine Cones: $1 @ Dollar Tree
Faux Snow: 89 cents for a bag @ Big Lots, I still have half the bag left over.
Little Trees: $6 or a bag of 16 @ Big Lots. I only used 6 so 10 will go to other parts of the house.
Polar Bear Ornament (string removed) $5 @ Pier 1
Snowflakes: $4 @ Dollar Tree
Already had: Table runner, large pedestal, small pedestal and both bell jars.
Total cost: $30.89

Okay, so it cost more than I really wanted it to but I still love it and will reuse a lot of what's in it year round and for next year's Christmas. Knowing me I'll even save the faux snow...

Decorating still to do: Tree, mantle, lights outside and anything else I can throw together with what I have around the house. Hopefully the tree and mantle will get done this weekend.

I am actually quite unprepared to do outside. I started to do it but my brand new icicle lights have a non-working section and I didn't buy enough of the regular string lights to do all the bushes. They might not happen this year. I think my husband might kill me if I buy any more decorations THIS year.

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