Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I could nap on that...

Do you remember that couch I was gushing over a few weeks ago? Williams-Sonoma Home's Chalet Sofa? The $2500 (on clearance) couch? Oh, for heavens sake, here: I know, it's still lovely. But last night my Mom called me and said, "did you get that Pier 1 thing in the mail? You should look at this couch they've got, it looks a lot like the one you liked from WS Home." "Okay, I'll take a look." I said. Well, Mom was right (try as I might to thwart her she usually is right) Enter the Pier 1 Carmen Sofa: One long permanently sewn on back cushion? Check. ( there's a seam there but that doesn't bother me) Low arms that are not too huge? Check. Nail head detail? Check. TWO seat cushions to help hide any stains? Double check! Bigger than the WS Home Sofa? Triple check! (by only a few inches...) Lovely shade of gray that will look beautiful with our Filmy Green walls? Check-ola. And last but not least, within my budget? OH YEAH! With room to spare for throw pillows! Check out that sweet sweet clearance action! Now...will the hubby go for it? When he told me I could start looking for a sofa he probably didn't expect me to come back 3 days later saying "found it!" I mean, we still have a lot of stuff to buy for the house yet and this is not exactly a priority item. Plus, we haven't even sat on the thing yet. It might be stuffed with rocks or something, who knows.

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