Saturday, August 29, 2009

With great anticipation

I wish I had things to report for the blog, but nothing has really been going on that very interesting. I guess the solution is to talk about things that aren't interesting? It's worth a try, right? First: Our apartment is filled with boxes. The cats are loving it because it's like a jungle gym of things to jump around on and hide behind. The big move is one week away and there is not a whole lot left to be packed. Everyone I've talked to wonders why we've done so much packing when we still have a week left here. The answer is that we'll be spending much of next week (the week before the move) in the new house painting. We figure it will be much easier to paint with the house empty, so after work every day we'll be over there working away. The apartment will be more like a hotel room than anything else. I wanted to not have to worry much about packing up so that focus could turn to painting. What's left to pack up? Our computer desks are still set up with computers on them. I may clear out everything around the computers today so all that's left are the actual machines to pack up. In the tradition of children of the 90s our computers are our life lines and we don't know what to do with ourselves without them, so we'll be waiting til the last minute to pack them away. Most of our art is still on the walls, I may pack that up today, too. Adam doesn't like it when things come down off the walls. When I took the curtains down last week the whole apartment felt sterile and like it wasn't ours anymore. The kitchen is MOSTLY packed. I'll be tackling the last of that tomorrow and we'll live on paper plates for the week. I would wait, but I suspect we won't even be in the apartment much this coming week anyway. No sense leaving the kitchen (what I consider to be the biggest job) until the last minute. I haven't even touched the bathroom yet. I'll work on that today too. The bedroom is mostly clothes. The plan is to move everything in the closet while it's still on the hangers. We did this when we moved into the apartment and it saved loads of time since we didn't have to put things back on hangers. Which reminds me I need to get the poles from my mom's house to hang the clothes on. Add that to the to-do list. I think today I might plan my clothes for the rest of this week (first week of classes at school) and first few days of next week, as well as my painting clothes for over at the new house. Second: Tomorrow is the formal walk through at the house to make sure everything is as it should be, there are no unexpected holes in walls or anything like that. My main concern is that they'll have cleaned the oven. It was kind of gross last time we were in the house and I have issues with cleaning up a stranger's food mess. If it's not clean it's not like we're going to ask them to clean it "or else", but I just want it to be clean. Third: A week ago we bought paint for the living room, dining room, bedroom, and trim. I know it seems silly to buy paint so early, but in my mind spreading out the cost of all these supplies makes it easier. I might total up to the same amount of money, but it's helpful to get a paycheck in between. Plus, that means when we go in on Monday after work, we'll be ready to put rollers to walls. Fourth: In addition to all this, I'm moving to a new classroom at school. Or at least I'm supposed to be. We packed up the entire art department in June, it took 3 weeks. We were supposed to be moving in to the new rooms last week but construction is delayed (big surprise) and we'll be teaching in the library and in one of the old art classrooms (filled 1/3 of the way with old furniture that came out of the building that was knocked down). I keep telling my coworkers that between our house and the classroom my entire life is boxed up in cardboard. Hopefully we'll be in our new rooms by the second week of classes.

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