Friday, August 21, 2009

Things you don't think about, Vol. 1

The big move is 2 weeks away. The sellers will be moving out in 1 week. Come to think of it, they went to closing on their new house today. Good for them. Adam and I will be spending much of this weekend packing up whatever we don't need for the next two weeks, with the knowledge that A. I go back to work next week and my days of lounging on the couch are numbered and B. one of those two weeks will be spent mostly at the new house painting. We have been trying to think about things we will need to buy that you just assume came out of the ether when you live with your parents. This includes things like outdoor garbage cans, a garden hose, a lawn mower (are you seeing a trend here...apartment dwellers know little of the "outdoors") a ladder. I was admittedly eying up a ladder at the Pier 1 down the street that is going out of business and selling all their fixtures. 10' folding ladder for $ that good price? I feel like a telescoping ladder would fit our needs more. Something that hit me today was a mail box. We will need a mail box. Okay, that's completely untrue, the house has a mailbox. It will hold mail. That is pretty much its only redeeming quality. It is a little brass wall mount thing that is what I would call the "Oh crap...we need a mailbox...get whatever is cheapest" solution. I'm considering spray painting that mailbox black, or perhaps some kind of punchy color like an apple green to tide us over until I can get something better. Because it turns out, mailboxes ain't cheap. Right now, I'm digging this little guy: Cute, right? In that My-grandfather-brought-this-back-with-him-when-he-returned-from-WWII kind of way? He'd set me back $100.The little holes cut in the front also worry me, I feel like water could get in there if it rained, they don't look like they're hooded from wetness in any kind of way. Also, it would be better if it said "POST" rather than "MAIL" because secretly I'd like all of our neighbors to think we're British. This is also cute in a more modern sort of way: It is less cute in the $175 kind of way. Also, we won't be living in a log cabin, so it's possible my house couldn't actually pull this off. I don't think I want a post-style mailbox. They just don't seem to have as many options, they all kind of look the same. But of course, there's always the Whalebox... Seriously? The flag looks like harpoon sticking out of his head...but at least he happy about it?

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    We bought an 8-foot ladder for... $70? You could always go take one out of my dad's backyard; I doubt he would notice.