Sunday, August 9, 2009

Keep on keeping on

I took a big step in the home buying process today. I have started to stop all email updates from realtor websites. I know, it's scary, right? So, yesterday we actually got some things accomplished! no. 1 We stopped by the yard sale at my aunt's house (she does it every year, its a BIG multi family sale) and got an antique buffet for an unbelievable $20! It will need refinishing and will likely be spending the first several months of it's life with us in the basement while I work on it, but that's okay because it has the potential to be a beautiful piece and if I decide I don't like it, we can always take it back to the yard sale next year...and maybe get $30 for it :) I'll post pictures later, it's sitting in my aunt's carport right now since we have to borrow a truck to pick it up (and of course we'll just be taking it to my parents' house where it will sit until we make the big move) no. 2 We picked out wallpaper for the dining room.
(Click on the picture to go to manufacturer's website).
I like it. I think the colors are a little off in this picture. The light green isn't so limey in real life and the blue background is more gray in real life. I won't lie though, it does remind me of this scene in Garden State. We'll be pulling/coordinating colors from the wallpaper to use for the dining room and living room (since you can see one from the other through the big open arch). Here's the plan:
Living room: Sherwin Williams Filmy Green SW6190
Dining Room above chair rail: Sherwin Williams Techno Gray SW6170. We really think any artwork we hang will look great against this. Trim...Pretty much everwhere in the whole house: Sherwin Williams Roman Column SW 7562 EDIT: THE BLUE BACKGROUND OF THE BLOG IS COMPLETELY THROWING OFF THE APPEARANCE OF THESE COLORS. RIGHT CLICK AND VIEW IMAGE IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT THEY SHOULD LOOK LIKE. Maybe I need to change this layout...but I like it so much! no. 3 I ordered fabric for the bedroom. This Robert Allen @ Home fabric was 60% off this weekend, and with my additional 15% off educator discount, I managed to get it for around $12 a yard (regularly $35/yard). I'm going to add some of this to the inside edge (where the curtains meet in the middle) of some plain white cotton 84" panels from Target ($17 for 2 panels) and hang them in the bedroom. I'll be getting my lattice/greek key obsession out, but not so much as to offend my husband's sensibilities. I ended up ordering double what I will actually need for the project because I don't think I will see this fabric at this price again for a long while. I might make a pillow, or maybe I'll add some to some to the edge of some pillow cases. Something will happen with it. Adam and I also did a little hunting for side tables, but he was shopped out so that will wait for another day. Just some side tables and an area rug and I'll be happy on move-in day! As I read over the last 3 posts I know they all seem very disjointed because I'm never talking about just one room. I'm hoping that I can devote posts in the future (after move-in) to one room/project/thing at a time. 1 week to closing, everybody! 3 weeks to empty house, 4 weeks til move-in day!


  1. $20 for an antique buffet?? That's awesome! Is this a yard sale at your Aunt Beth's house? And was the buffet hers? That would be great to keep that in the family. Sounds so cool...
    I'm enjoying reading your posts. I'd love to see the house someday. Say hi to your Mom for me!
    Love, Jeanie

  2. I can't wait to see the buffet! Are you going to strip it and refinish it or paint it? I like the wallpaper! It is very hip. And off-white trim! It is a bold and daring move. I chickened out and got Ultra-White trim. We ordered our paint yesterday, and Mike is picking it up today. I'm sort-of nervous about it! My dad pretty much dictated that we should use California Paints, but the only place to get them is a snooty store on Newbury Street, so every time I call I feel like the paint guy is laughing at me... :-/

  3. I'm going to strip it and probably paint it, or a combo of paint and stain. It has some spots where the wood veneer has chipped off so I'm going to have to fill them in with auto body putty and of course the stain wouldn't look right there, so those parts will have to be painted. But I might stain those places where the wood is still in good shape. Or I might just paint the whole thing a pretty taupe color...who knows.