Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cats are not known for their patience.

Today Adam and I will be attempting to hit up my aunt's yard sale (it's almost 1pm now, yard sales don't usually go beyond noon, so we'll see if that happens, neither of us has showered yet today) ordering my fabric to dress up some curtains (post to come later) and going on a hunt for wallpaper. If I can I might try to get Adam to look at side tables, but we'll see. He can only do so much shopping in a day :) I don't know if I mentioned it before, but our family consists of me and Adam and 2 other little members, Bessie and Daisy, our cats. Bessie is the black and white one, Daisy is the little orange one. Bessie indicated today that she is ready for the move! Yes, she did get in there all by herself, a box full of crinkly packing paper, it's a cat's dream! 4 more weeks Bessie, until you will have a whole house to chase Daisy around in, enjoy the screened in porch, have a real litter box that you fit into, and watch actual birds and squirrels instead of traffic. Note to PETA: Bessie will be moved with minimal discomfort in a proper cat carrier, not in a cardboard box. Though if we did move her in a cardboard box, we would pad her heavily, she's very fragile.

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