Tuesday, August 11, 2009


These are our current bedside table lamps: Ikea's Orgel lamps They do the job, they were $10 (possibly less...that's their current price but we bought them 2-3 years ago). Adam liked them, which was the main qualification since they were for his apartment when we weren't living together. But, they're a little...blah. I found these today thanks to one of my favorite blogs (The Estate of Things). Don't you love this Ed and Annie lamp from Stray Dog Designs? I went with the natural khaki shade, but it also comes in bamboo-y wood shade. Wouldn't this look fab in our soon-to-be-yellow-and-gray bedroom? You know it would. I'm a sucker for anything with clean lines AND leaves. But, at $625 they're more than a splurge...they're an investment. Sadly I'm not about investing in trendy lamps that look like a pain in the tush to dust, and I most certainly do not live a dust-free life. Perhaps someday I will be filthy rich...

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  1. Hey, guys! Thanks for including bossy color blog in your blogroll - I look forward to following your housing adventure.

    I couldn't resist telling you that we also have Ikea bedside lamps, although they're different from yours. (And they're more expensive. Like $12.) We've now broken one for the 3rd time, so actually, if you add up all the times we've replaced them, we'd be well on our way to owning the Ed and Annie lamp. Sigh.

    In any event, good luck, and thanks again for the link love!