Saturday, May 8, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

I am zeroing in on finishing the guest room...I can FEEL it.
And as a result, I'm going to get paint samples from Lowe's tomorrow test on the front porch. I can't finish one project before I start another.
Anyway, I ordered this fabric today to make cornices for the windows (my original curtain plan isn't going to work with the new dresser.

Found a coupon code online for 20% off, so the 2.5 yards I bought are about $30 (and I qualified for free shipping!) When that comes, I can make those, hang a couple more pictures, one more little project and I'll be finito! 
A few other new things around the house include: 

New light fixture in the hallway! My fantastic husband put it up before I could take a before picture of the old fixture, but this is what it was: 
This is literally the CHEAPEST flush mount fixture at Lowe's. Now, I'm not usually a critic of getting things on the cheap, but doesn't get anymore blah than this fixture. Oh previous owners...
The next new thing: Shelves in the guest room! 

And lastly, my little project last weekend: Towel hooks in the guest room 

This was such an easy thing to make. A piece of wood (that I found in the basement, yay free!), white paint, a little Modge Podge, some scrapbooking paper from Michaels and 4 hooks from Ikea, done and done and adorable.Total cost - $5, which was just for the hooks and the sheet of scrapbook paper, the rest was all stuff I had around the house.
Oh, and we added this to our lives last weekend, too. My new (to me) 2008 Mazda 3's a total accident that she matches the guest room...seriously. Oh, and the mustache is just to hide my license plate number, but I would totally drive a car with a handlebar mustache.

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