Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be our guest!

Believe it or not I have several post ideas in the hopper right now (with pictures to boot). This is exciting for me because that means when I have a week with not much to say, I can pull something out of my little post stockpile (is this maybe how the pro's do it?)

But I figured today that I would post about the thing I've been talking up for weeks now? Okay...maybe months even.

The guest room is painted. It's been painted for weeks, actually.  I painted them during the snowpocalypse in early February. Posting about it was just being held up by the fact that I was using the room to paint doors.

If you'll recall, I picked out Ralph Lauren's Hopsack for the room.

Ralph Lauren paint is now defunct at Home Depot, so as far as helpful blogging goes, sorry folks. From what I can tell you have to go to fancy Ralph Lauren stores to get his paint now. And I won't lie, part of the reason I got this paint was that it was on sale for a really good price because Home Depot wasn't going to carry it anymore.

And here is the before and after.

(This photo is from the listing when we bought the house. It's deceptive because I'm pretty sure the agent took it with a fish-eye lens because I found it pretty impossible to get both windows in one shot)

And here is with the RL Hopsack paint and Sherwin Williams Roman Column trim
Read more on the nightstands below! 

Opposite wall

I'm pretty happy with the color. I think it's quite rich looking, personally. Much more personality than the white. The jury is still out on the roman shades (which the previous owners left behind). I have some off white drape panels my Mom gave me (for free!) that I planned to use and between the white vinyl windows, the slightly off white trim, the slightly off-er white drapes and the most off white roman shades it's a few too many competing off-whites. It may come down to what is cheapest, buying some new drapery panels or some kind of new blinds/shades?

As for the night stands, they are old. They are Adam's and he's had them (he claims) since he was a little kid, and he's totally sick of them. So, I am painting those white too, and giving them some new hardware. They'll be the Roman Column, same as the trim. Mostly because I'm cheap and I already have that paint. But I'm thinking of adding a single wide stripe down the middle of them in a beige. They are my next project. I'll admit, they're not the prettiest things ever, but they were free and I'm on a budget here.

Also in the works is the iron bed for the room. We picked it up from my parents' house the other night and I've got two cans of spray paint at the ready. I know better than to spray paint indoors though (well, I've been known to spray paint little things in the basement). The forecasters are calling for rain this weekend though or else I would totally be out there spraying away. Hopefully the weather gods will recognize I have very important decorating to do and shew the clouds away soon.

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