Saturday, January 30, 2010

Show your stripes

I'm seriously considering painting Adam's old night stands with a stripe down the front of them. I was inspired by this dresser in Jamie (of i suwannee)'s store, Furbish Studio. Look...

Pretty cool, right? And And it doesn't hurt that it's in the colors I'm going for in that room (remember the aqua and red?)

Adam's nightstands are in the same style as this piece of furniture, they have similar lines. I like this wide stripe, but since I'd be working with night stands, not a dresser, I would only have one stripe going down the center. 

At the same time, I'm not sure I'm going to need a punchy piece like this in that room. I'm already painting the rocking chair a bold aqua, and with the size of that room it is likely that the chair and night stands will be right next to eachother. Or I could always add the stripe later. Things to think about. 

Things not to think about: paint! 

I went to Home Depot today (braving the snow!) intent on getting Glidden paint samples. I want to try all the paint I can and find a brand I like. Glidden seems to get good reviews from Sherry and John on Young House Love, so I figured I'd try it. But then, there was one of those big orange Home Depot signs saying that Ralph Lauren paint is on super cheap sale. $15 for a gallon. Apparently, Ralph Lauren is going out and Martha Stewart is coming in. Oh Martha...

So, I picked up a bunch of paint chips, and got some samples mixed ($1 per sample jar! That's worth getting 15 different colors mixed!) and got to swatch painting today. I've pretty much settled on Ralph Lauren's Hopsack for the guest room walls. 


I know, I know, more shades of gray. We've got a dove gray in the bedroom and a green gray in the dining room. What can I say, I like gray. Also, I just held the chip up to my screen and it is WAY off of this screen capture from the Ralph Lauren website. The real paint is much more brown khaki-ish. 

A quick Google image search brings up this picture of a hallway using RL Hopsack. This is a better representation of the color. 

I want something neutral in the guest room so that if I want to change out the red/aqua scheme I don't have to repaint the whole room. Since Home Depot had a limited number of cans of the Ralph Lauren paint in store I might go tomorrow to get the one gallon I need. Then I may be very tempted to actually start painting.

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