Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fancy guests now welcome!

The dining room is finally done! Okay...still kinda not true. But I'll get more into what needs to be done later. Let's talk about what HAS gotten done. I repainted the china cabinet. We painted, wallpapered and added chair rail to the dining room. That doesn't sound like much but it sure did take a long time. First, the china cabinet. Here's the before: This cabinet has some history. There used to be two of them and they were my grandmother's...and they were white. Then my grandmother painted them with a faux wood effect. Then, one went to my mom's friend (who my mom has lost touch with over the years, so bye bye cabinet). The other one ended up in my bedroom until I was about 15, and it held my "don't touch" dolls and other "don't touch" toys. Sometime in that period, it was painted lilac and apple green. After that, it became a linen cabinet for my mom, and she painted it white. And now, it's mine. I stripped this sucker because, as you've read, it's had quite a few coats of paint. It took FOREVER to strip it. Some of the paint was easy, but other parts were like glue. But, finally, it's done. Pictures to follow along with dining room photos. So, onto the dining room. Here's the dining room before, from the real estate listing: And here it is now: We painted (Sherwin Williams Techno Gray), added chair rail and wallpapered, and painted all that wood trim. Here's a close up of the paint, chair rail and wallpaper: And here's the china cabinet: With my china in it! I've been wanting to be able to display my china (Mikasa's Imperial Blossom) for as long as I've had it, and finally I can! So, we still need to hang things on the walls. Also, the rug in this room will be moved to the den when we move the TV and old couch in there. Right now it's just too dark, it doesn't look like it belongs in the dining room. I'm also going to recover the seats on the chairs with something brighter, something in an apple green I think. I've considered repainting the table and chairs, but I'd like to avoid that for now. I'm hoping that when we hang our pictures on the walls (all of our pictures are in black frames) and get a lighter colored rug it will all look more cohesive. I'll reevaluate the table and chairs after that. Now, we've ordered a new couch, so we'll be able to get the living room sorted next and then the den. The den is also known to us as the "man cave" and will reflect that. Adam wants to get WWII propaganda posters to hang in there, so that will be our starting point. Next project will actually be refinishing/repainting the living room side tables, so look forward to that!

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