Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't let Candy Spelling scare you...I know she's a little spooky looking.

I had a dream last night (admittedly under the influence of some Tylenol PM after laying in bed with no hope of sleep for 2 hours) that we found a secret 3rd floor loft in our new house. How did we ever miss it? That could happen, right? Because even though the house has 5 bedrooms and it's just the two of us, I still feel like it's not enough. That's mostly because I would devote an entire room to every activity if I could. Candy Spelling and I would get along for that reason...I would LOVE to have an entire room devoted to wrapping paper. I have been known to spend more time (and maybe more money once or twice) on the wrapping of the present than the actual choosing and purchasing of the gift. I briefly considered taking a seasonal job as a gift wrapper in a department store, I am THAT into wrapping presents..I would do it full time. But then I decided that like most things you love, if you do them as a job, you quickly un-love them. This is why I don't eat chocolate chip cookies for a living....yeah, that's why.

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