Saturday, August 15, 2009

2 days and Closing!

Just thought I'd check in and kill some time avoiding the stuff I SHOULD be doing. Not a whole lot house related going on. On Wednesday I realized I would have to get a cashier's check for closing day, and the next realization was that it would require moving some money around in our accounts to make that happen. This required a call to Adam in Middle Of Nowhere, New Mexico to say, "hi, I need to take half of whats in your checking account. Can I have all your login information, please. K Thx Bye" See, even though we've already contributed $3000 in the form of our earnest money deposit at the offer (a check that I thought was pretty meaningless but found was cashed on Monday when I went to the ATM and briefly panicked when 3 grand was gone from my account). And even though the sellers are paying our closing costs, we still have to have a cashiers check for the complete down payment and the closing costs on Monday at closing. Supposedly we will get a refund check for the closing costs and $3000, plus some money for repairs that couldn't be made in time for closing. It's kind of backward if you ask me. So, anyway, we are feeling the broke-ness while we sit with our little (well...BIG) cashier's check and look at our little (actually little) bank accounts and just twiddle our thumbs until closing. I would like to drag Adam out of the house and go look at area rugs, and chair rail, and paint but I think we'll just cool it for a while and do things for the house that don't cost pack up the apartment. In other news, our wallpaper came in. Not super exciting, just the same as it looked in the book. But it is taunting me. It's saying to me, "I will look so great in your dining room! Don't you want to put me up NOW? Even though you haven't gone to closing yet? and even though the sellers are still living there? Don't you want to just sneak in an glue me to the walls just to get something accomplished?" If you don't remember, the sellers are renting the house back from use for two weeks after closing while they get packed up and move to their own house. So even though we will own the house as of Monday afternoon, they will still be living there until August 30th. I won't lie, I'm pretty tempted to be a complete snot and show up on Tuesday after closing and start changing everything in the house while the sellers are still living in it. At the same time I would like to be able to let them know whe are so excited and happy to be moving in and even though it's not like they're GIVING us the house, I want to thank them. I considered baking muffins for everyone involved (the sellers, the agents, etc) and bringing them to closing in the adorable Martha Stewart muffin gift boxes I got on super sale at Macy's but Adam convinced me that that would be creepy. I think I just want the sellers to know that a nice couple with family ties to the area are buying their house. I think that would make me happy if I were selling my house. Also, my special order fabric from Joann's came in. I brought it home and just couldn't stand it, I HAD to start on those curtains. I then promptly screwed up the job and have to fix one of the panels (the ONLY panel I worked on). I am very into DIYing things, but sometimes it's a little more DIOY (Do It Over Yourself) than DIY. Don't worry though I'm usually pretty capable of fixing my DIY mistakes...or covering them up somehow so that you can't see them. Oh, and on top of all that, it's back to work on the 24th. Yeah, remember that whole thing where I have a job teaching high school kids that stick figures are not okay...and I haven't even given a fleeting thought to it! I did spend an evening laying out my plan book (which is one of those things that I LOVE to do...with all my pretty colored pens). But I need to rework my syllabi and come up with supply lists (which I THINK I was supposed to in, like, June) and figure out what I'm doing for the first week of classes. Jeez, are you seriously still reading this? Well I appreciate that and all but I thought for sure that once you got half way through the post you would have realized there are no pictures of anything today and left.

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  1. Hi Molly,
    I laughed out loud about the muffins! How creepy could homemade muffins be! That Adam, he's funny. You go ahead and bake those muffins if you want, I think that would be sweet. I'm sure it would make the sellers (and everyone else involved)very happy. I know I would be! Make mine gluten free, please!!

    Love, Jeanie