Monday, July 27, 2009

Our house, not in the middle of our street. Now with pictures!

Updates! Updates! It's been a while since I've posted (I say that way too much on this blog) so here's what's up with the house. The current owners have found a house and removed the contingency. They will be renting back from us for 14 days and moving out August 30th. We just finished with the home inspection with no major problems. We have a few things that need fixing and are waiting to hear back about the items we'd like the current owners to fix. Nothing major but things we don't want to have to deal with when we move in. Next steps: Finding a title company and lining up home owners insurance. But now for the thing you've been waiting for! It's finally time to show some pictures of the house! It's not much now but I have big plans for it! It's going to be great!
The Outside
The Screened-In Front Porch
The Living Room
The Dining Room
The Kitchen
The Family Room (technically this qualifies as a 5th bedroom)
The downstairs bedroom, this will be the guest room.
The downstairs bathroom
The Upstairs Sitting Room
Upstairs Bedroom 1
Upstairs bedroom 2
Master Bedroom
Upstairs Bathroom
Upstairs Bathroom again (it's L shaped so the whole room won't fit in one photo)
The back yard, so excited about that terracing!
So, there you have it! It doesn't need a lot of work, but I still have a lot of decorating plans to make it ours. I hope to be slowly updating room by room with what we want to do and what actually happens (because we all know those two thing can be very different).

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