Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back in the saddle again...

From the couch I can see lightning off in the distance (probably not far from my parents house, only a few minutes away). I love a summer storm, especially the lightning. I love when the sun has beat down on the black pavement all day and a storm rolls in in the early evening, just before the sun goes down, and you can see the steam roll off the roads. I hope our new house has a covered porch, so that I can sit outside with a glass of iced tea in the humidity of June in Maryland and watch the rain and the lightning. We went to see one today with our agent. It was very nice, fairly new (only 20 years old...which is new when the last house was built in the 30s) and VERY clean. It was a short sale, so the cleanliness of the place was a surprise. Usually the owners have given up on taking care of the place (or can't afford to) when they're about to lose it. In the end though Adam was not in love, and it was kind of a cookie cutter kind of place (the same as all the other houses on the block) it just didn't have the character we're looking for. More houses on Sunday. Update to follow.

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