Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Waiting

Remember when I said we put an offer in on Sunday? Ha. That would have been too easy! Let me tell you the story of our offer. 
On Saturday we discussed with our agent that we would like to put in an offer on the house. He told us that we'd need the pre-approval letter from our lender. We had a pre-approval letter already, but it was not specific to the property and showed the entire amount we qualified for. While that number is very nice and gives us more options in searching, we didn't want the seller of the house to know how high we COULD go, because they might ask for that. We needed a letter that said we qualified for what we were offering. 
So, I give the number of our loan officer to our agent. To save you the wordiness, our agent is Tom our loan officer is Jack. So, Tom calls Jack on Saturday to get the letter, and then on Sunday, several times, with no answer, no call back. He continues to call on Monday, no call back. Finally, Tom tells me that without the letter from Jack, we can't submit the offer. So, I call our branch manager, Jill. Jill tells me she'll try to get ahold of Tom...but she can't seem to get him either. 
Keep in mind, as far as we know there is another offer on the house this whole time. 
I ask Jill, "So what you're telling me is that without this ONE person in your WHOLE company, I can't get the document I need? Doesn't that seem a little crazy to you? That he's the ONLY person you all have that can do this?" 
Jill says she can call Jack's boss. This is at about 3:30 pm on Monday. At 5:10, I still haven't heard back from Jill. I call the branch and am told she's with a customer. I ask that she call me back...never get a call back. Next day, no call back. It is now Wednesday and I have not heard back from Jill or anyone at that bank. 
Luckily, Tom gives me the number of a loan officer, Jerry, (don't ask me why I keep picking J names for all these banker types) at another bank that he knows and who can help us out ASAP. At 9:30 at night, Jerry is on the phone with me for 20 minutes, gets all my info, and has the letter to our agent by the next morning (it would have been within an hour but the credit check website was down). 
So, ultimately, the offer went in Tuesday at around 10am. And now, the waiting begins officially. Every time I have email (and I leave my email up all day at work) I think "oh, could this be it?" Whenever the phone rings..."is it Tom...does he have news?!"  

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