Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Offer

Today, Adam and I put an offer in on the house we want. If you're wondering about what it looks like, I know I've been very vague. There's a reason for that. I don't want anyone else to put in any offers on it. Not that I think my blog has a huge (or any) readership, but it's not worth the risk. I'll leave it at this - it's a 4 bedroom 1 bathroom bungalow. Once we hear back on our offer, I'll be posting pictures. We met our agent at his office today to go through all the paperwork for the offer. If you've never done this before, you should know that the offer contract is BIG. After all is said and done it's upwards of 50 pages. It took us nearly 3 hours to go through it all. We found out first thing this morning that there has been another offer on the house as of yesterday. But the sellers are sitting on it for some reason. The seller's agent (I'm going to call her SA) says that the owners are out of town, but in this day and age, when you're selling a house, your agent has your cell phone number or some way to contact you. We think they're sitting on it because they want to see what's coming from us. So, in order to make our offer look more attractive, we went up a little from $265,000 to $270,000 ($20,000 less than they priced it) with no frills except a home inspection and we're required to get a termite inspection because of the nature of our loan. No closing help, and closing in a little over 30 days. We're hoping they come back at us with $280,000, and we can maybe get them to meet us in the middle at $275,000. Like I said, they out of town, so we won't hear back on whether we got it or not until Thursday, which is an inordinately long time to have to wait. Usually it's 24-48 hours. Even if we do get a verbal "yes" out of them, nothing is official until they have signed the paperwork. If we got a yes on Tuesday and a better offer came in Wednesday, we would be out of luck. As my emotional safety net, I've already decided that one way or another we're not going to get the house. If they take our offer there will be some kind of huge problem with termites (we did find some OLD termite damage, it's probably from 15+ years ago) or something else. If we do get it, great, awesome, totally happy. If we don't I saw it coming. Cross your fingers for us.

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