Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year In Review - 2010

I just got to thinking about all we've accomplished in the house in 2010, and I'm surprised to say that I'm really proud! Did I have delusions of grandeur when we moved in, thinking I'd have the whole place decorated in 6 months...yes, yes I did. But we got a lot done this year and the 1st floor is basically finished...except that we want to renovate the downstairs bathroom, but that's actual renovation, not just decorating. We don't expect to do that until sometime in 2012, at least.

But let's take a look back at everything we've accomplished this year, the first full year in our house.


We took our fireplace from dirty grungy brick to clean white wood: 

We survived the Snowpocalypse...but not without having to climb into our attic and scoop snow out of our turbine vents with a spoon into a bucket. Did I mention our attic has no floor? Also...shoveling was ridiculous. 

Also, we took our hallway from yellow with stained wood trim to beige with white trim. 

We got a rug...

We made some art: 

Nothing got finished in April, per se. Sue me... I can't be fabulously productive every month! Work began in earnest on the guest room in April though.We got the walls painted and nightstands went from boring to...a more modern boring. Sophisticatedly Neutral...that's what we'll call it. 

We bought me a new car. No, it has nothing to do with the house, but I don't care, I love my car. 

Also, work continued on the guest room. For instance, I made over this rocking chair. 

And I made cornices (by far my most popular post of the year)

Apparently nothing happened in June. Or at least I didn't blog about anything. 

I added a little privacy to our back door. 

And I finally finished the guest room. 


Despite a stifling hot summer, I got the porch from here

To here:

Work began on the den. Chairs were recovered

Work continued on the den. There was much green and I rejoiced. 

Some new friends came into our lives: 

And an old one left: 

(I did eventually find that last handle for the new, smaller buffet) 

Another month of fluff posts, including this one about those risque Swedes at Ikea.

Den finally completed. 
So that's that, 3 whole rooms completed, that's one every 4 months...not a bad rate I'd say, considering I work full time and Adam travels constantly for his job. And that doesn't include the little odd jobs around the house. 

What's in store for 2011? Hopefully a new office, finally finishing the master bedroom and then taking on the upstairs bathroom (the one room I have no clue how to decorate). 

Stay tuned.


  1. Has Martha been in touch??? You need to start a magazine: Almost Martha Stewart Living and Loving

  2. I enjoyed your blog. We're dancing with paint or not to paint the wood trim/casing/baseboards. I'm really fond of the wood but it's great to see the comparison here (before/after)!

  3. Your taste is horrible you paint everything....surprised you didn't paint the floors!