Saturday, August 28, 2010

Go Go Gadget Stove!

I think it's worth noting that I am a gadget lover. I think it has to do with my love of shopping (and buying stuff...) and also I'm always hoping this new thing will make my life better.

I get it from my Dad, who has a new gadget related hobby every year. Photography, grilling, bartending, the weather (he's completely addicted to knowing the temperature wherever he is, at all times and has digital thermometers out the wazoo). This extends to his dogs, too. The quest for the perfect harness and leash is never ending. He's a gadget kind of guy, and he fades in and out of these interests (except the dogs...they're like his children).

So, when I saw this today, I hoped in my mind that someday when we decide to renovate our kitchen, that this will be in our price range.

I like to think that this is something Adam can get behind, too.


  1. Wow...I have to show this to Josh. Too cool!

  2. I feel like this stove is perfect for cooking oddly-shaped things... like human body parts and/or babies. You wouldn't even necessarily have to cook the whole thing, you could be like, "BAD KID!" and plop it on the stove for a few minutes as punishment. Then again, I've heard cannibals prefer gas/flame cooking, as I do.

    I am going to assume you can figure out who this is.