Monday, July 19, 2010

The Guest Room: Completed

The art I ordered from an Etsy seller arrived a little less than I week ago and I framed it today. Do you know what that means?

It means the guest room is FINISHED!!!

This is the first room in the house I am officially calling finished. That, friends, is very exciting.

I taped a little video today to summarize the room, because I don't have a camera with a wide angle lens to photograph a small room like this.

How big of a dork am I? And also, listen to me say "open" when I refer to the closet...that's the Baltimore in me I guess. We'll be 'goin downy oshun later.

I know the video isn't exactly high quality. I dropped my camera a few weeks ago and have been having some minor focus problems since then, plus the lighting was less than ideal, plus I compressed the movie to upload it. But don't worry, I have old and new photos recapping the whole room so you can see some more detail. And if you stick it out until the end I'll tell you how much it all cost.

First, recall what the room looked like when we FIRST saw it, about a year ago, with the old owner's furniture. Not bad, could be worse, but not much personality either.

Then, during the big snowpoclaypse in January, I painted the whole room. Ralph Lauren's Hopsack

The nightstands came next. You can see them in the photo above.  A little sanding, a couple coats of paint and some new hardware and they were totally different.

And I love the lamps on the nightstands.

Then I made over the bed. About 5 cans of spray paint took it from red to white (Krylon's Almond) 

And then we dressed it up with linens from all over (Target, Ollie's Bargain Outlet and Ikea)

Then came the free dresser (formerly my Dad's, then held by my Brother and Sister-in-law and now on permanent loan to me, until they decide they want it back).

And then there's the rocking chair. Probably one of my favorite things in the room.

And then of course, there's all the details. Like the knick knack shelves.

And the window cornices and roman shades

The artwork, including the You Are Here Now print from Etsy user Farouche

I love the way the chair and the Farouche print look together

But no room is ever completely done, right? I'm sure I'll be changing things and moving things around, and I really want a red and white striped rug to put on the floor between the rocker and the bed. But for now, I'm calling this room done.

Of course I have to do a source list and cost breakdown.

The following things I had around the house or got for free from relatives: 
All knick knacks on the shelves except the foo dog and the turquoise flasks, the roman shades, the foam from the cornices (left over from previous home owner in basement), the Key West photo, the night stands, the quilt, the throw pillows, all the red bed linens, the iron bed, the rocking chair and the dresser - total cost for these items - $0 (I'll be covering the cost to make them over below)

From Ikea: Turquoise flasks - $16, Ekby Hensik shelves - $36, Clock - $13, Towel hook hooks - $4 
From Home Goods: Foo Dog - $12, Soap - $6, Trash can/flower pot - $10
From Michaels:Frames - $12 and $20, Spray paint for large frame - $3, Scrapbook paper - $3
From Hancock Fabrics:  Roman Shade Ribbon - $5, Rocking chair fabric - $2
From Cornice Fabric - $32
From Target: Towels and washcloths - $10, Sheets for the bedskirt - $12
From Marshall's: Lamps - $48
From Big Lots: Mattress and box spring - $375, toiletries - $14
From Lowe's/Home Depot/Ace Hardware:  Paint for walls - $25, Paint for nightstands - $25, For the rocking chair - $8, Spray Paint for bed - $15, wood deglosser - $10
From Ollie's Bargain Outlet: tuquoise sheets - $20
From Restoration Hardware Outlet: Nightstand hardware - $18
From Anthropologie: Toothbrush cup - $6
From Etsy: Here and Now Print - $40
From Khol's: Pillows - $20
From the yard sale:  metal tray $10
Odds and Ends: $50 (this includes various glues, caulk, sandpaper, etc. some of which I had around the house and others of which I only used partial amounts of, so I can reuse them for other rooms) 

Total cost: $880 

The mattress is what put me over the top. I originally only wanted to spend about $100 on the mattress at the local thrift store (which carries never-been-used-mattresses)  but I was sucked in by the amazing comfy-ness of the Serta mattresses at Big Lots.

I'm very happy with the room, and now all we need are some guests!


  1. Molly your guest room turned out so delightful! Aqua and red are a great color combination. I'm sure all your guests will feel at home in such a swell space!