Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nightstand by me

Something exciting happened today. My fabric samples came from Mood!
Or I thought they did, until I opened the package and there was only one sample. (Sad Trombone)

I called Mood and apparently there was some kind of location change and not all the samples were available. So, I was refunded my 50 cents but I had to REORDER the red Oscar de la Renta twill. On the upside, though, the Tiffany blue canvas is the perfect color for the rocking chair! So I'll be ordering a half yard of that.  Look at how fantastic this match is.

And yes, I painted the rocking chair. This rocking chair:

Doesn't get much more Granny than that chair, eh? Complete with cross stitch seat cushion. Fear not, as soon as I get the seat recovered with the fabric from Mood, you'll see the full reveal.

Today, we're talking about the nightstands. We had two nightstands that came along from Adam's childhood home when he moved into his first apartment after college, and then to the apartment we lived in together, and then to our house. Adam was pretty sick of them, having had them since he was a little tyke, so when we got new nightstands for our bedroom, they went to the guest room.

Pretty 80s, right? Needless to say, they needed a little updating. So, after some sanding, priming and painting, and some new hardware (thanks Restoration Hardware Outlet!)...ta da! 

Much better, right? And it doesn't hurt that they were FREE! The paint is the same as the trim in the room, so that was also free, and the hardware was pretty cheap, at around $15 for all of it. 

And are you noticing the nicely made bed next to them? That's because I got a mattress the other day! I couldn't help but make the bed when I got it. Adam is very happy to have a second bed in the house where he can go when my snoring gets out of control (I was sick this past week. My stuffed sinuses = no sleep for the hubs). I'm not going to be showing off the bed until I get the dust ruffle situation sorted, which will mean disassembling all my nicely made linens. 

The room is quickly coming together. What's left?
- Hang pictures
- Hang and accessorize knick-knack shelves
- Make a coat/towel hook
- Refinish dresser
- Complete rocking chair
- Complete curtains
- Find a small rug
- Alter dust ruffle

My goal is to have it all done by the end of June. The dresser job will be the hardest, everything else is just little stuff. Once it's done I can start on the front porch! I was originally going to tackle the den, but I'd like to get the front porch looking cozy so we can really enjoy it while the weather is warm.

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  1. Beautiful makeovers, Bravo!! I love to see pieces so tranformed!!

    Art by Karena