Monday, February 15, 2010

Dwelling on it.

It would happen just this way. On Saturday I go to Target and just about every aisle from rugs to bedding had a little clearance section. So, I find a lovely white duvet with gray embroidery for our bedroom, originally $100, marked down to $25. Sweet!

I bring it home and Adam says, "how many duvets do we have?" Um...just 3, plus our comforter isn't the plain white kind, it's a yellow striped one, so I technically have 4 different comforter options, this is a lot more than we really need, I'll admit.

Then, while checking out my usual shelter blogs, I discover that Dwell Studio for Target comes out with their new line TODAY. ::sigh:: This should be good news, because this coverlet would look stellar in my bedroom.


I'm going to have to wait a while to get it, because I don't think the hubs will be on board with bringing home more bedding. It's not like it's super expensive, it's $79 for the king size (which I might get, even though we only have a queen size bed...but SOMEBODY likes to steal the covers).  And I do like to switch from our winter comforter to a coverlet in the spring/summer. Trust me...this will be mine. 

Psst....My birthday is in about a month...just saying.

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