Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just when you think you could get something done...

It's been an interesting weekend here at The New Nest.

No. 1. The major pieces of the fireplace facade have been assembled (thanks Dad!) and we were planning to start the minor demo (removing some old moldings), attachment, and trim work this weekend so that I could work on caulking and painting this week. I had written and entire post about how the fireplace gods were finally smiling down upon us and we could really start this job, but then the skies parted and the fireplace gods looked on us with anger...see no. 2 below.

No. 2. The fireplace never happened because our cat, Bessie, ate part of a lily plant Friday night and ended up at the emergency vet Saturday afternoon and has been there since. Did you know that lilies are extremely poisonous to cats? They cause kidney failure and then a very painful death. I didn't know this, and I'm glad I looked into it the morning after she ate part of the plant. She's not home just yet, but her bloodwork tonight was clear and if it's still clear Monday evening she'll be coming home. This rather large vet bill may slow down house purchases for a little bit. 

No. 3. Despite the vet bill, we did make one home purchase today that we'd never thought about before.

Yup, a fire extinguisher. Actually we bought 3, one for the basement, one for the first floor and one for the second floor. On Saturday we were sitting in the den and thought we heard a crackling coming from a light switch.  It turned out to be nothing (but we did discover that our wiring is CRAZY OLD) but as soon as we heard it I turned to Adam and said, "We don't own a fire extinguisher" and he replied "yeah...we need to fix that". Another home purchase you don't even think about...hopefully, at least, it comes to mind before it's too late.

I am at that age where my friends are getting married and buying homes. I'm seriously considering making a fire extinguisher my go-to housewarming gift for first time home buyers. Although this may send the message of "Happy Housewarming! Don't let your new home burn to the ground!"

Anyway, I can't work on the fireplace much on my own.  And I will have to spend a couple of days doting on Bessie. I'm hoping to work on some sewing projects this week while Adam is away.  Hopefully some posts about that to come.

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