Friday, January 22, 2010

The Great Fireplace Debate

The fireplace is rapidly approaching the "finished" mark. I've been talking about it all week on Facebook (sorry Facebook friends...). I just have to paint the brick around the firebox, scrub out the walls and floor of firebox and hearth and do a little accessorizing*.

On the topic of accessorizing, I've been trying to figure out what to do INSIDE the fireplace. Right now we want to get the chimney inspected before we start any roaring blazes in the fireplace and our damper is somehow broken (although it will open, there is something wrong with one of the hinges...peeking my head under there it looks like one of the hinges is actually missing). And the inside of the fireplace is less than lovely. So, I've been browsing the internet and have found a few solutions.

No. 1 - Plant
My original inspiration for the fireplace makeover was Layla's fireplace on The Lettered Cottage, so if I wanted to completely copy her I could go with a fern in the firebox. Do I want to completely copy her? I don't know, her fireplace does look nice.

from The Lettered Cottage

Source Unknown
No. 2 Candles 
Would this give the fire ambiance without all the ashes?

from DecorPad

No. 3 - assorted vases with flowers.

Source Unknown

No 4. - Logs 
I'm torn between the logs option below and the assorted vases with flowers above. I like the idea of being able to bring some color to the fireplace with the vases. But I am a sucker for white birch logs.

If I were to do the logs, I would want the RIGHT logs; which sounds totally bonkers, I know. But I want those white birch babies. I've already found some for sale on eBay. I might even put clear polyurethane on them for maximum dust-ability. And I could still do the tall vases or candle sticks on the hearth on the sides of the fireplace.

As a side note, last night as I was sourcing logs Adam said to me, "I can't believe you want to buy LOGS on the INTERNET".
I replied "I can't believe somebody looked at their logs thought to themselves...I bet I could sell these logs on ebay." He agreed the seller is the crazier one here, but only just slightly.

What do you think? Adam wants to go with the logs, but I don't think he realizes how serious I am about buying logs online if that's what we decide to do.

*My work computer is telling me accesorize(ing) is not a word. Clearly this PC is not fashionable. I bet my Mac would recognize it.

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