Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I Don't Need That You Should Buy: No. 1

This may become a new regular feature on the blog. So often I come across something in a store or online that is just so cool, but I don't need it. Surely someone can give this fabulous item a home? You just don't know it yet. Things I Don't Need That You Should Buy (TIDNTYSB...tid-nity-seb if you like to pronounce acronyms. I'll admit, it's not catchy). See, with this little whenever-I-feel-like-it mini-feature, I can: 1. Spread the word about great, reasonably priced, home products I find online or in stores 2. Get it off my chest 3. Post more 4. Justify the time I spend meandering around the internet. We're all winners, here, people. In this edition I'm loving this Pavillion Floor Screen at Home Decorators Collection Online Outlet (that's a mouthful...luckily I'm typing) I love a good floor screen, they're a great decorative addition and can be very functional. However, I have virtually no use for one in our house right now. One of you must have a spare $155 (that's WITH shipping) laying around. I happen to know a certain someone who's name begins with an E that just bought a studio condo and could surely use a little room division...HMMMMMM??? Come on, modern classic, shabby chic and cheap to boot! Anyway, she's a beaut and I wish I could give her a home. She's giving you that sad puppy-dog look, the one that makes your lip quiver so much you can't stand but take her home with you. How can you resist?

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