Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We have an announcement to make!

I didn't get nearly the things done today that I wanted to. But, I did get something done that I've been wanting to get done since we put in our first offer on a house in April. MOVING ANNOUNCEMENTS! See, in addition to being way into painting and drawing and decorating and pretty much anything involving making stuff pretty and fashionable, I'm also way into stationary. If the opportunity arises to make invitations, send holiday cards, thank you cards, so on and so forth, I'M THERE. I made everything paper related for our wedding (invitations, programs, favor tags...everything). I could spend hours wandering the papercraft aisles in Michael's, looking at office supplies in Staples, or my local paper mecca...the Paper Source store in Annapolis. I think this has to do with when I open my mailbox. You can't tell me the first thing you open in your mail isn't whatever that looks like it's from someone you know. I love getting anything in my mail that's not bills. Wedding invitations, Christmas cards...I'm always hoping for mail that's a personal correspondence. I don't scrapbook...much. I've made two scrapbooks, ever, and they were admittedly lame. So, today I finished our move announcements. I've been waiting to get our new home phone number (I haven't had a land line in 2 years). But now that I've set up our Fios installation, I have what will be our new number so I could finish the cards. I've been wanting these move announcements from Paper Source for a while now. But at $11.50 for 10, plus shipping (they don't have them at my local Paper Source store) I wasn't feeling the $50 I'd have to spend on them. Plus that doesn't include the extra box I'd probably have to buy to make up for all the mistakes I would make hand writing them. I made my own version using Photoshop on my work computer in May, when I thought we were going to the first house we put in an offer for. But of course that computer is at work being updated during the summer. So even though I'll probably get my computer back on Monday, I just couldn't take it, and I re-did them again starting last week. As I pretty much always do when I don't have Photoshop, I used Microsoft Powerpoint to assemble all the text and imagery. Powerpoint is actually a great tool for this kind of thing, because you can move everything around freely. I use it all the time, you reset the size of the slide to be the size of a regular sheet of paper and you're good to go! So after putting everything together, I figured out the measurements to get 4 cards on each sheet of paper and printed 10 sheets of them, using heavy cardstock I already had from printing resumes when I was trying to get a job 2.5 years ago. And then I gathered my supplies and got to work. I already had pretty much everything on hand for this project. Like I said, the cardstock I had. I had that green vellum the scissors are sitting on from making stuff for my sister-in-laws birthday party. After I cut everything up these are the cards. Pardon the blurring, it really does take away from it, but you have to be careful on the internet you know. I did buy envelopes from Staples (did you know they have a whole section of DIY envelopes and such in several colors there?) 4 packs of 10 came to about $20, I think. I think my favorite part about them is that the big text at the top just so happens to be perfectly framed when you open the flap! I also had some vine-y Martha Stewart paper in green laying around the house (also from my sister-in-law's birthday). So I used my circle punch to make little closure decorations for the back. So, with some clear labels on the outside (already had...I love those printable clear labels), addressed to most of our friends and family (everyone I had addresses for) I got them all done! They won't actually go out until the sellers move out and we're there every day painting and such. But I just wanted to get them done so I could pack up all my paper-craft supplies. I knew that after the move all my stuff would just be too hard to find, all packed away and such.

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  1. I am EAGERLY AWAITING our Moving Announcement from you! The birds are adorable. <3 Emma